• ISO-13485-2016
  • ISO-9001-2015
  • DD2345
  • AS9100-2016
  • ITAR Certified
  • IPC Validation Services Recognized
  • SeaPort-e

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Zentech ManufacturingZentech Manufacturing, Inc. (Zentech) is a privately owned small business company located in Baltimore, MD. It was established in 1998, is among the most highly certified military electronics contract manufacturers in the United States, and has consistently proven itself to be one of the premier contract manufacturing businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Zentech has 18+ years of stability and continuous growth ensuring confidence that we will be a long term valued partner to the Navy.

Zentech is capable of providing support in the following functional areas:
3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.14, 3.17.

Expanded functional areas which are covered by our subcontractors include:
3.8, 3.12, 3.15, 3.18, 3.19, and 3.20.

For the purposes of our submission, we are addressing only those functional areas for which Zentech has specific experience. Zentech will provide qualified personnel, materials, facilities, equipment, test instrumentation, data collection and analysis, hardware and software, and other relevant services as required at the task order level.

Zentech provides a full suite of design, manufacture, test, and repair services:

  • Product Final Assembly (Box Build)
  • Testing: ICT, AOI and Functional
  • Engineering: Design & Test
  • RF Engineering, Manufacturing and Test
  • Design for Manufacturing & Test
  • PCB Assembly (SMT & PTH)
  • Quick Turn Prototyping
  • Special Coatings: Potting, Conformal Coating
  • Inventory Procurement & Management
  • Direct Order Fulfillment and Repair / Return Support

Our 42,000 square foot facility houses all of our management, engineering, manufacturing, testing and quality functions, including approximately 120 staff. The building was designed specifically for electronic contract manufacturing services. The main production floor includes state-of-the-art flooring specifically designed to ensure protection against electro-static discharge (ESD). A positive air pressure system ensures that the air pressure is stabilized above that of the outside atmosphere, thereby preventing the introduction of airborne debris at every entranceway (FOD). Temperature and humidity are monitored against optimal conditions for electronic assembly (SMT), automatically sending electronic alert notifications to facilities engineers when operation and control limits are approached. More than half the facility is designed and furnished with workbenches, machines and infrastructure supporting flexible manufacturing initiatives, providing flexibility for increased capacity and/or additional customization as required. The building is currently built-out to 80%, leaving 8,400 square feet still available for increased capacity and/or additional customization as required.

Zentech currently operates at less than 33% of its effective capacity. This calculation is based upon the following:

  • Aggregate SMT loading based on last 2 years sales is less than 50% of single shift capacity.
  • Current 1st shift direct-labor resource capacity can be increased by 75% within the current building footprint.
  • SMT capacity can be tripled if needed within the current space constraints.
  • Overtime and the addition of a second shift are available to meet capacity requirements.

Zentech implements best manufacturing processes, such as:

  • Automated 3D vision inspection of solder paste (SPI), components and completed assemblies (2D/3D X-Ray and AOI)
  • Flexible Manufacturing – Off-Line set-up
  • Lead and RoHs Capabilities
  • No Clean, Water Clean, and Solvent Clean Available
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities
  • Post PCB assembly operations (box-build)
  • DFM Support Services
  • Lean Manufacturing Processes
Zentech Manufacturing
Zentech SMT Operations Custom

Configurable Functional Testing

Zentech resources and processes result in mission critical high quality as evidenced by:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Process-based manufacturing
  • Knowledge of, and compliance to, military and industry specifications and standards
  • Root Cause & Corrective Action
  • First piece inspection / NPI
  • AOI process verification
  • ICT and Functional Test
  • X-Ray analysis of BGA components
  • AS9100:2009C  (Aerospace Specification) certified
  • ISO 13485:2003 certified
  • FDA Certified Device Manufacturing Facility
  • IPC 610 Class 3 Mission Critical Trusted Source (Qualified Manufacturers Listed) – one of six CMs certified
  • IPC 620 Certified (Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies)
  • IPC J-STD-001 with Space Certification – one of two CMs certified
  • ITAR registered
  • Joint Certification Program (DD2345) for access to militarily sensitive Technical Data Packages
  • Made for I-Pod (MFI) Apple Products Manufacturing Certified
  • AS5553 Counterfeit Mitigation Compliant
  • J-STD-004 Compliant (Solder Paste Technology) + Inline 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)
  • AOI Systems (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • 2D Manual X-Ray
  • 3D Automated X-Ray Inspection – AXI (online February 2015)
  • ESD:20/20 Compliant

Zentech is widely recognized within the aerospace, UAV, RF, Radar and IED Defeat/Detect communities for our performance on mission-critical electronics in support of our nation’s Warfighter. For example, Zentech provides electronics and testing in support of the following programs: RQ-7 Shadow UAV, the Carrier Unmanned Targeted Large Area Strike System (CUTLASS) UAV, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35, Husky Mounted Detection System Ground Penetrating Radar (HMDS-GPR) and Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAP/V).

Directly related to the U.S. Navy, Zentech has a U.S. Navy dedicated flexible circuit assembly and test work cell constructed to support our ten+ year engagement with L-3 Chesapeake Sciences to manufacture dual towed arrays. This includes all potting and encapsulation processing, communications testing, and underwater depth simulation processes. Additionally, Zentech holds a five year BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) with NSWC-DD and we have performed successfully against approximately twenty Task Orders to date on this BPA.

Zentech’s unique capabilities ensure mission success (shown below).

  • Design and Layout Capabilities to Support Leading Edge Processes
  • Extensive LED engineering and manufacturing experience
  • High Volume SMT Processing Capabilities
  • Demonstrated Small Form Factor and High Complexity Capabilities
  • Degreed Engineers Across All Disciplines Including Test
  • Extensive In-House Functional and In-Circuit Test Capabilities
  • Unit Level Build Experienced
  • Secure IP Environment
  • Advanced Processing Technology Equipment Sets
  • Highly Certified Across All Markets
  • Ruggedized Military Tablet, IoT, Industrial and Medical Device Proficient
  • Automated Inspection Technologies (AOI, SPI, AXI)

Our team functional area capabilities are shown in Table C.1.1-1.

Zentech will perform a minimum of 51% of the required work on each small business task order and plans to be an active participant in the SeaPort-e program. We plan to submit on all task order RFPs which address our areas of expertise. For the purposes of the IDIQ, we have selected functional areas that align with the skill sets and experience of our personnel. However, we have additional resources in order to be able to respond to more than just the identified functional areas. This section (C.1) and Section D provides an overview of our general approach to executing any type of technical contract. Section C.2 presents our overall approach to technical tasks, in some cases providing an example of such a task instead of an approach (since the approach is similar to other task approaches), and in some cases we present both. Section C.3 presents additional representative samples of previous tasks for some of the designated functional categories. Section C.4 presents our representative personnel matrix demonstrating capabilities in the functional areas. Appendix A presents our four key personnel resumes.

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