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Inspection and Test

Zentech provides Test Services for virtually everything it builds; we know how to test and troubleshoot complex analog, digital and RF products. Additionally, we can partner with local test houses to provide customized testing solutions to utilize existing tooling or approved test plans.

For new products, either designed by you or by us on your behalf, our test engineering team can develop a test strategy and plan for your product or build a fixture to your requirement.

All defects found by our technicians during the testing process are captured in a database for reporting and trend analysis. We can customize a reporting format for your program.

Test Development

Our team has produced hundreds of test platforms. We can design a custom solution for your product or system or build to spec based on your design. We have extensive experience in providing solutions in the following technology areas:

  • In Circuit Test/Genrad
  • Flying Probe
  • JTAG/Boundary Scan
  • Functional Test
  • Programming
  • 3D AXI, AOI


Seica Pilot 4D V8

Seica Pilot 4D V8Zentech has recently added the Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Test System to its wide range of capabilities. The Seica Pilot 4D V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology. It is the complete solution for maximum performance, combining the highest test speed, low to medium volume capability with enhanced test coverage and flexibility. The system is equally adept at both prototyping and production volumes and its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the PCBA simultaneously.

Featuring vectorless and in-circuit test, programming and functional testing, boundary scan test, medium/high volume capability with automatic load, testing of highly-integrated prototypes and high-mix products, the Pilot V8 also tests PCBA’s not designed for testing and has advanced reverse engineering capabilities.

The addition of additional advanced testing capabilities further illustrates Zentech’s commitment to utilizing automated technology equipment sets to assure high quality electronic assemblies are delivered to their customers.


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems provide high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage, inspection of solder joints, and verification of correct part assembly to improve end product quality and increase manufacturing throughput. Advanced Fusion Lighting and a newly available 5-megapixel image processing technology integrates several techniques, including color inspection, normalized correlation, and rule-based algorithms, to provide complete inspection coverage.







Zentech features Parmi in-line 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) systems to ensure Six Sigma solder paste deposition levels. Utilizing dual laser analysis with system accuracy to 2 µM, combined with PCB warpage detection, the Parmi systems communicate real-time data from the 3D SPI in a closed loop back to our MPM solder paste printers and stenciling operations. This permits automated on-the-fly adjustments to ensure high repeatability and extreme accuracy for the very critical solder paste deposition process.





2D and 3D AXI

Zentech operates a Nordson Dage Quadra 2D X-ray and recently added Vitrox and Omron 3D AXI systems


We have the capability to subject units or assemblies to burn-in time periods during which the assemblies can be powered or not and during which the ambient temperature can be controlled. Burn-in fixtures will be designed and fabricated when required.

Functional Testing

Functional test involves equipment designed to generate and simulate input to the assembly under test (generally custom circuits and waveform generators) and commonly available test equipment to capture and analyze outputs from the functional test (oscilloscopes and DVMs for example). The functional test utilizes available connectors and test points to inject a signal at various points in the circuit and then evaluate the signal at certain output points to look for predicted responses. We will test the electrical operation of circuit cards, assemblies, and complete units using test procedures, test fixtures, and calibrated test equipment. We have many types of calibrated test equipment. We will also rent special test equipment as needed.

In Circuit Test (ICT)

ICT uses electrical probes and tests a PCB assembly by checking for shorts, opens, resistance, and capacitance; it is often referred to as a bed of nails test. It is an automated test appropriate for certain higher volume and high complexity assemblies. We utilize both an Agilent 3070 and GenRad 2272 In Circuit tester to test circuit board assemblies. These systems check the electrical operation of all components on a circuit board assembly that can be accessed on a bed of nails. This system is usually utilized on larger quantity orders. As with flying probe, there are limitations in trying to measure values of components when they are in a parallel circuit with other components.

Boundary Scan (JTAG)

The boundary-scan test provides a means to test interconnects between integrated circuits on a board without using physical test probes through the use of JTAG. Boundary-scan cells in a device can capture data from pin or core logic signals, or force data onto pins. Captured data is serially shifted out and externally compared to the expected results. Forced test data is serially shifted into the boundary-scan cells. Boundary-scan testing offers efficient PC board testing and provides an electronic substitute for the traditional “bed of nails” test fixture.

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