• ISO-13485-2016
  • ISO-9001-2015
  • DD2345
  • AS9100-2016
  • ITAR Certified
  • IPC Validation Services Recognized

Highly-Certified C5ISR Electronics
Contract Manufacturing

  • <p>High Complexity.<br />
High Reliability.</p>

    High Complexity.
    High Reliability.

    Zentech provides a wide range of C5ISR military and medical manufacturing solutions specializing in high-complexity and high-reliability program requirements. Zentech’s facilities are ISO 9001:2015, and AS9100D certified and feature equipment and controls to utilize the latest assembly and test technology. Our equipment, systems and processes are optimized for flexibility in building complex products that have medium-volume/high mix requirements. Zentech supports specialized testing requirements and is equipped with multiple functional test and ESS environments, including in-house 4D Flying Probe Test capability, 2D and 3D X-ray and AOI.

  • <p>Automated Inspection /<br />
Functional Testing</p>

    Automated Inspection /
    Functional Testing

    Zentech incorporates automated inspection technology throughout the assembly process and provides Functional Test and Troubleshooting Services for virtually everything we build. Our team has produced hundreds of test platforms. We can design a custom solution for your product or system or build to spec based on your design. All defects found by our technicians during the testing process are captured in a database for reporting and trend analysis.


  • <p>Highly Certified</p>

    Highly Certified

    NIST 800-171 Compliant – ISO 9001 – AS 9100 – ISO 13485  DD2345 – ITAR Certified – J-STD001 with Space – IPC Class 3 Trusted Source QML – IPC 1791

    Zentech embraces every aspect of each certification and consistently performs at a high level. Certifications provide a level of (objective) accountability that, first and foremost, protects our customers. Certifications ensure that we remain compliant with current industry standards, regulations, and best-practices which directly impact the quality and reliability of the products and services we build. Certifications provide Zentech a vital road-map and sets high standards that protect both your company and your program.

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