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Circuit Board


The nature of Zentech’s predominately military account base, and the high-reliability assemblies that we manufacture for them as their partner, mandates 100% test for every assembly we deliver in support of our nation’s warfighter. Zentech has invested heavily in its testing capabilities.


Flying Probe

Flying Probe is the complete solution for maximum performance, combining the highest test speed, low to medium volume capability with enhanced test coverage and flexibility. The system is equally adept at both prototyping and production volumes and its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the PCBA simultaneously.

Equipment: Seica, SPEA

ICT Test

ICT uses electrical probes and tests a PCB assembly by checking for shorts, opens, resistance, and  capacitance. These systems check the electrical operation of all components on a circuit board assembly that can be accessed on a bed of nails. 

Equipment: Genrad, Agilent


A high-resolution 3D CT scan cuts hidden solder joints into hundreds of cross-section slices within a matter of seconds. The ability to isolate individual layers allows the automated inspection algorithms to measure a variety of features without the shadowing or interference of components on the opposite side.

Equipment: Vitrox


Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems provide high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage, inspection of solder joints, and verification of correct part assembly. Advanced Fusion Lighting and a newly available 5-megapixel image processing technology integrates several techniques, including color inspection, normalized correlation, and rule-based algorithms.

Equipment: Mirtec, Nordson

Functional Test

The functional test utilizes available connectors and test points to inject a signal at various points in the circuit and then evaluate the signal at certain output points to look for predicted responses. We test the electrical operation of circuit cards, assemblies, and complete units using test procedures, test fixtures, and calibrated test equipment. 


Zentech features in-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems to ensure Six Sigma solder paste deposition levels. Utilizing dual laser analysis with system accuracy to 2 µM, combined with PCB warpage detection, this system communicates real-time data from the 3D SPI in a closed loop back to our MPM solder paste printers and stenciling operations. This permits automated on-the-fly adjustments to ensure high repeatability and extreme accuracy for this very critical process.

Equipment: Parmi, Omron

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